Year 2SJ Assembly 'Healthy Foods'

Years 4 Black History Assembly

Parental ESOL Awards Assembly

Year 5LM Assembly 'St Mary's Achievements

Year 3SA Assembly 'Rivers'. Article 24: 'The right to clean water'.

Year 2 Easter Assembly 2014

Year 1NR Assembly - The 3 Little Pigs

Year 5FH Assembly - Space

Recep AMS - The Gruffalo

Nursery Assembly - Africa

Eid Assembly 2014 performed by Year 2

Year 1KS Assembly - Animals and Humans

Year 6EC Assembly - Superheroes

Year 5 Harvest Assembly 2014

Year 4 Black History Assembly 2014

Year 1ST Assembly - Toys

Year 3MH Assembly - The Romans

St Mary's Nativity performed by Reception 2014

Christmas Singing Square

UNICEF Councillors Assembly - Article 13: Your right to freedom of speech

Year 4 Black History Assembly

Year 1M Houses and Homes Assembly

Reception Nativity

Year 5J Assembly - Celebrations

Nursery Assembly - Space

Takeover Challenge

World Book Day Assembly

Spring Singing Square

Year 3H Assembly - Anglo Saxons

Late Spring Singing Square

Year 3HJ Assembly - Rocks

Nursery KM & LM Assembly - Space

Year 1ST The Lighthouse Keepers Lunchbox

Year 1SM - The 3 Little Pigs

Year 4AL Assembly - Learning French

Easter Singing Square 2015

Year 3 Easter Assembly 2015

Year 2NR Assembly - The Great Fire of London

Year 5LM - The Journey of Year 5

Nursery Assembly - Superheroes

Reception AMS Assembly - Superheroes

Eid Assembly 2015 - Performed by Year 2

Year 6MS Assembly - Rights

Year 6 letters to The Prime Minister about the Syrian refugee crisis

St Mary's Governor Away Day UNICEF Assembly

Harvest Assembly 2015 (Performed by Year 5)

Black History Assembly 2015 (Performed by Year 3)

Year 1KM Assembly - Journeys

Nativity 2015

Year 5LC Sport Relief Assembly

Year 4CA Egptian Assembly

Easter Assembly (Performed by Year)

Easter Singing Square

Reception L - The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Year 3H - Googlebox Assembly

Year 4HJ - Friendship Assembly

Year 3SM Assemblies - Rocks

Year 2 Graduation Assembly

Year 6 Leavers Assembly

Autumn Singing Square

Eid Assembly (Performed by Year 3)

Year 6S Assembly (Ambition)

Year 5C Assembly - Ancient Greeks

Year 3M Assembly - Skills

Easter Assembly (Performed by Year 1)

Year 5C Assembly - Victorians

Rec C Assembly - Never give up!