Lunchtime Staff


Senior Lunchtime Organisors Merlene Fiddler /  Monica Crooks / Juliette Taylor 
Nurs B Linda Carter / Paula Anderson
Nurs L Joan Ramoon / Dahlia Patrick
Rec S Mecheca Mabier
Rec C Anab Hassan
Year 1M Faduma Jama
Year 1S  Marcia Edwards
Year 2R Shamila Saleem
Year 2W Roda Farah
Year 3M Lorna Williams
Year 3H Sandra Lee
Year 4M Joan Wilson
Year 4W Pam Butcher

Year 5C

Year 5J

Julie Carline

Mimi Vaz

Year 6S

Year 6C

Malika Rainford 

Tyrone Bent


First Aid 


All lunchtime organisers have been given emergency first aid training. If a child has been hurt they will be given first aid treatment by a trained member of staff. A letter informing parents of the injury and treatment will be sent home with the child the same day. For more serious injuries we have paediatric first aid staff. Staff will contact parents immediately when the injury is more serious.


Teaching Assistants are also first aid trained for treatment of injuries at other times of the school day.