2017 Parental Survey. Thank you for your fantastic support.


Maths strategies for parents

Phonic sounds for Foundation Unit and Key Stage 1

Parental workshops for this year

Growing and changing policy

Orange Rock Event

Eid al Fitr celebrations

E-Safety Parental meeting

City South Housing Event

UNICEF parents meeting

St Mary's Parental female only karate club

St Mary's encourage parents to join St Mary's ESOL classes.

Pupil and parental event to make the community aware of illegal money lending - Article 26: Children should have enough money to live on

Parental VLE Training

The UNICEF parental meeting at St Mary's - October

St Mary's Digital Awareness Meeting

UNICEF Hate Crime Awareness meeting for parents

Eid Party

St Mary's Christmas Fair

Easter Holiday Kitchen

Health & well-being workshop

International Womens Day


Article about the 'parental women only self defence club' in the Nubian Times. 

Click here to look at the recent parental survey from the recent parents evening (203 parental SURVEYS ). Thank you to all the parents that contributed!